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Oh Fuck. Just read the best thing, ever.


An article on Phase Space, true, absolute reality. So interesting.


 ”you don’t ever observe space or time - instead you see energy and momentum. When you look at your watch, for example, photons bounce off a surface and land on your retina. By detecting the energy and momentum of the photons, your brain reconstructs events in space and time.”

Space and time, they exist, but you’ll never have senses capable of experiencing them, so your brain creates an illusion of what it thinks it is, this is why everyone perceives things differently, Relatively.

Basically everyone’s brain paints a picture from a shadow. The same general gist is there, but the details could be completely different. I’m not mad, my reality is just different from yours.

Science is cool. 

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  4. lunatrash said: Its like how nothing actually has any colour… Light reflects off a surface and the different energy waves send signals through our eyes in to our brain and we think we see colour :3
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